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FollowMe® | Document Output Management

FollowMe is designed to enhance, track and secure document output without requiring major changes to the existing network infrastructure or printer hardware. That means organizations can improve the cost-effectiveness of document output while leveraging existing investments in technology.

About FollowMe

Ringdale FollowMe® is a roaming, secure printing and accounting solution that enables printer roaming capabilities and printing security. It also provides accounting for all printers' and copiers' usage so that automatic reports can be generated for users, cost centers, cost codes, and printers.

Secure printing and printer access control have been a requirement to many companies for a number of years. FollowMe has been developed as a fast and easy to install solution that is easily managed and upgraded.

Follow Me Embedded HPFollowMe supports all industry standard printers in the world. FollowMe devices are also available for many printers that have internal interface slots such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Kyocera and Mutoh.

FollowMe Embedded, a solution that does not require any external hardware to the MFP when used with PIN authentication. FollowMe® Embedded is available for select MFP and DigitalSender devices from HP and Ricoh.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy and Compatible
    • Works with any copying or printing device (e.g. copier/printer or MFP) and Digital Senders
    • Plug-and-play for minimal set-up and maintenance
    • Intuitive user interface for little or no user training
  • Corporate-Level Control
    • Restrict access using PIN or your existing proximity, magnetic, smart cards or biometric identification
    • Control copying and printing to curb wastage of paper and consumable
    • Application-Based and/or Web-Based Administration Tool
  • Information Security
    • Prints are not left exposed on the printer, prints are only produced when authenticated recipient is present
    • Government Grade FIPS 140-2 Level 4 Encryption from Client to Server to Printer
  • Convenient Printing
    • Collect from any location
    • Printer "roaming" across the LAN, WAN or Internet pulls print on authentication
    • If a printer is down, go to a working printer, authenticate and collect your output
  • Auditing and Monitoring
    • Monitor and log copier/printer/MFP usage
    • Full accounting and print audit on a per user, cost centre and printer basis
    • Client codes accounting on a per client basis
  • Environmentally Conscious
    • Drastic reduction in wasted prints: saves paper, toner and energy
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • A quieter and more sustainable office

Cost Savings

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Reduced device support costs
  • Reduced IT staff support overhead
    • Possible to standardize on single device manufacturer throughout organization
    • Users not reliant on single device
  • Reduced running costs (consumables)

Example of Cost Savings

Savings based on 10 FollowMe units with Enterprise server software, 350 users and an annual throughput of 3 million pages.
  • Total annual saving of US$40,050
  • Equivalent to an annual saving of US$4,005 per unit
  • Equivalent to an annual saving of US$113.92 per user
  • Equivalent to an annual saving of US$0.0134 per page

Pricing and Availability

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MFR 200

  • Reduce the cost of printing
    Reduce the amount of wasted prints and account for how copiers and printers are used. FollowMe reduces consumable cost, maximizes life of printers and lowers IT support.
  • View example cost savings
  • Better for the environment
    Fewer prints=less paper, less toner, less energy.
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