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G2 LED Lighting |Retail and Manufacturing

G2 LED fixtures produce a more natural white, attractive illumination while users save money every month and support green initiatives.

Exterior LED LightG2 High Bay LED Lighting for retail, manufacturing and warehouse applications converts conventional light fixtures into the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting sources available today.

G2 High Bay LED Lighting can be installed as new lighting or can easily retrofit existing lighting without the need for additional fixtures. The High Bay LED Lighting offers directional control and minimizes light migration outside the targeted light footprint, instantly improving visibility. Another advantage is that the High Bay LED Lighting emits a bright “white light,” which improves light quality and reduces glare.

Return on Investment

Significant energy savings of up to 85% or more can be realized using G2 High Bay LED Lighting, which is a serious consideration for any organization. G2 High Bay LED Lighting provides a 50,000 hour average lifetime of 15 years assuming a usage of 10 hours a day at 300 days per year. At this rate, maintenance and replacement are greatly reduced, contributing to added cost savings and rapid payback.

To further reduce energy consumption, G2 High Bay LED Lighting can be supplied with a motion sensor or a user defined “zone program” enabling lighting management within pre-defined hours and light levels using Ringdale’s Light Space Management™ software.


  • Inter-connectability and manageability of lights
  • Fraction of conventional lighting cost.
  • Lowest maintenance cost with over 60,000 light hours for lighting elements
  • Brighter, whiter light output
  • Motion sensor available
  • Warranty and ISO 9001:2000
  • Made in the United States


Product Code

Light Equivalent

Suggested Mounting Height
in m / ft

400/45 Watt
6 m / 20 ft
Warehouse / Retail
500/85 Watt
8 m / 24 ft


USA Made by Ringdale Technologies

G2 LED is engineered and manufactured by Ringdale Technologies and distributed by Caberra Systems.  Ringdale currently holds 3 patents for the innovative technology behind G2 LED.  Lights manufactured in Texas.


Industry's Best Warranty: 10 years on LED elements, 5 years on materials and workmanship.  We warranty against light loss.  Email us for further specifics.



  • Light output similar to 400W bulb
  • 12 Elements per fixture
  • Exterior Colors
    Stock: White, Frost, Black and Silver. Custom Available
  • Customize Surround

  • Personalized
    - ROI Worksheet
    - Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Quote
  • Purchase

  • Slash Monthly Energy Bills
    Reduce the amount of watts needed to brightly illuminate your surroundings.
    - 85 Watt LED fixture replaces
       traditional 500W
    - Drastically cut energy bills
  • Environmentally Friendly
    - Reduce power consumption
    - Eliminate harmful materials
    - American Made for less
       transportation and more USA

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