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G2 LED Lighting | Outside and Building Exterior

G2 LED offers a more efficient lighting solution that’s better for the environment and saves the user money every month while producing a more natural and attractive illumination. G2LED: Helping companies get off the grid.

Street and Parking Light

Path Light

Parking Garage

Walkway Bollard

Gas Station Canopy Wall Mounted Fresco
Wall Pack Decorative Wall Light
Wall Sconce: Exterior Sign and Billboard

G2ActiveLED SL Series| Street and Parking Light
Street, Parking Lot, Path and Marina Lighting Options
Recessed ceiling LED lights
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High output G2Active LED lights are customized to the application for the right amount of directional light at task.

  • LED Watts: Choose from 8-50
  • SL Series 48-watt replaces conventional 400-watt fixtures
  • Single and duel-head design
  • Patented design to withstand 140 to -40 degrees
  • Little to no maintenance, 10 year warranty on LED
  • Marina LED Lighting is sealed and salt water proof
  • Options: motion sensor, daylight sensor, energy management feature, diffuser, traditional or wide light pattern
LED street light LET street light LED street light

G2ActiveLED PL/GL Series |Parking Garage
Parking Garage, Basement, Gas Station

Low bay structure lighting for 30” spaced grid at 10’ height. Light output similar to 400W light bulb

  • LED Watts: 28, 48 High Output, 56
  • Very low maintenance cost with over 60,000 light hours for LED lighting elements
  • Specifically designed for parking structures to illuminate the driveway, parking spaces and walkways
  • Broad overall light coverage minimizes/eliminates dark spots and enhances security of the parking structure
  • Bright, consistent light output closely emulates natural daylight
  • Mechanically designed for simple, straightforward installation
  • Color Temperature CCT5500K
  • Interconnectivity and manageability of lights
  • Fraction of conventional lighting cost

G2ActiveLED GC Series| Service Station Canopy
Parking Garage, Basement, Gas Station
Service station LED lights
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Service Station Canopy lighting for 10’ spaced grid at 16’ high. Light output similar to 400W light bulb

  • LED Watts: 48 or 56
  • Very low maintenance cost with over 60,000 light hours for LED lighting elements
  • Consistent overall light coverage eliminates shadows and enhances security of the gas / service station
  • Bright, consistent light output closely emulates natural daylight with no glare
  • Meets full cut-off requirements to protect neighbors and passing motorists from distracting lights
  • Designed to illuminate both the station features/fixtures and the driveway under the canopy
  • Mechanically designed for simple, straightforward installation via flush-mount or down-pole
  • Interconnectivity and manageability of lights

G2ActiveLED WP Series| External Wall Packs
Perimeter Lighting: Building Exteriors, Patio Lighting, Parking, Walkways, Accent
Wall pack LED lights
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For outdoor use, all down lighting.

  • LED Watts: 38
  • May replace any 16" x 7.5" Wall Pack (covers marks left by previous fixture)
  • Replaces up to 300 watts of conventional HID lighting
  • Power factor corrected
  • Optional Digital Dimmer, Occupancy Sensor and Dusk/Dawn sensor
  • Regulatory Compliance: CE# 1601-09A
  • Available in Black, Brown or Charcoal Grey. Other colors available on request

G2ActiveLED WLo Series| Exterior Wall Sconce
Outdoor walkways and non-work areas, stairwells
Wall sconce LED lights
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  • LED Watts: 8, 14, 21
  • Choose light direction: up only or up/down
  • May replace any existing 18" x 8" Wall Sconce
  • Fully weatherproofed against rain, dust and insects and Epoxy-painted for a maintenance-free and aethestically-pleasing architectural accent
  • Power Factor corrected
  • Occupancy Sensor Input
  • Standard color finish is Brown, many optional colors available, please call for details

G2ActiveLED WBL Series| Walkway and Yard Bollard
Illuminate pathways, walkways and landscapes
LED walkway lights
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An attractive LED lighting solution for illuminating pathways and walkways that also delineates the pathway or walkway and can be so positioned to be a physical barrier to prevent vehicular access.
  • LED Watts: 18 or 25
  • Increases control over light footprint. Intrinsic fixture design produces directional light and minimizes light pollution and wasted energy
  • Increased brilliancy - Replaces yellow or dim lighting with more visible “white light” for improved light quality, uniformity and reduced glare
  • Choice of two versions of LED Walkway Bollard Lights for different applications - the CCT3500K version has a "warmer" color light while the CCT5500K version has a brighter light and a higher color temperature that closely emulates natural daylight
  • Extruded aluminum housing with flush mounting base and vandal-resistant screws, flat top
  • Black finish, other colors available on request

G2ActiveLED WLf Series| Fresco Lights
Indoor or outdoor walkways, steps, stairs, decks and patios
Illuminate outdoor walkways, steps, stairs, decks and patios. No power supply.
  • LED Watts: 12 or 18
  • Can be directly mounted on a standard square or long wall junction box
  • Light output equivalent of a 12 to 18 watt Fluorescent or a 50 to 75 Watt incandescent bulb
  • Up to 8 of the WLf series Fresco light fixtures can be connected to and driven by a single G2ActiveLED L-Type LED Driver remote power supply. Power supply sold separately
  • Options: Occupancy Sensor and/or Digital Dimmer
  • Available in many popular colors, including Silver, Bronze, Black or White
  • Recommended safe mounting height on a wall of between 2 and 4 feet above the ground

G2ActiveLED DL Series | Decorative Wall Light
Decorative LED wall light

Attractive LED lighting solution for building entrances and other similar applications.

  • LED Watts: 15
  • Art glass cover, optional designs available
  • Overall size: 22.0” x 10.2”
  • Choose CCT3500K or CCT5500K color
  • Built-in dimmer

G2ActiveLED BB Series| Sign and Billboard Light
Billboards and signs
Billboard LED Lign
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G2ActiveLED Billboard Lighting solves the problems of energy wastage, light trespass and maintenance. The design has optimized water management and cooling to be effective in the hottest of climates as well as performing without degradation down to -40°F (-40°C).

  • LED Watts: 48 or 72
  • Significant energy savings compared to conventional lighting
  • Simple, straightforward retrofit
  • Bright illumination of billboard with no light trespass - full cutoff compliant
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Optional Motion and Daylight Sensors to further increase energy savings
  • Choice of light fixture wattage, see table for details
  • Precise adjustment of the angle of the billboard light via the convenient end-mounting bolts (10mm) allows the fixture to be adjusted for most billboard sizes and configurations
  • Brown finish, other colors available on request


USA Made by Ringdale Technologies

G2 LED is engineered and manufactured by Ringdale Technologies and distributed by Caberra Systems.  Ringdale currently holds 3 patents for the innovative technology behind G2 LED.  Lights manufactured in Texas.


Industry's Best Warranty: 10 years on LED elements, 5 years on materials and workmanship.  We warranty against light loss.  Email us for further specifics.



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  • Slash Monthly Energy Bills
    Reduce the amount of watts needed to brightly illuminate your surroundings.
    - 60 Watt LED fixture replaces
       traditional 400W
    - Drastically cut energy bills
  • Increase Safety
    Brighter, whiter light to areas proven to increase safety and reduce crime
  • Environmentally Friendly
    - Reduce power consumption
    - Eliminate harmful materials
    - American Made for less
       transportation and more USA

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