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Product Catalog

G2 ActiveLED 2011 Product Catalog
Last Updated March 2011


Do T5 florescence fixtures really save us as much as the conventional lighting companies are telling us?
See unedited video taken at customer’s site of actual watt and amp draw of a T5 light. The results surprised our customer. Will they surprise you?

General LED Literature

Light Adjustability: Custom Photometrics
G2LED lights have revolutionary built-in adjustable photometrics.  Learn more about solid-state LED adjustability.

Mercury Hazards 101
Information on mercury poisoning and how to properly handle compact fluorescent lights.

G2LED Return on Investment Analysis
See how much money 1 light or 40 lights can save your business.






  • Personalized
    - ROI Worksheet
    - Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Quote
  • Purchase

  • Slash Monthly Energy Bills
    Reduce the amount of watts needed to brightly illuminate your surroundings.
    - 60 Watt LED fixture replaces
       traditional 400W
    - Drastically cut energy bills
  • Increase Safety
    Brighter, whiter light to areas proven to increase safety and reduce crime
  • Environmentally Friendly
    - Reduce power consumption
    - Eliminate harmful materials
    - American Made for less
       transportation and more USA

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