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G2LED | Energy Efficient LED Grow Lights

Welcome to the world’s most efficient LED light

Revolutionary LED technology drastically reduces watts while providing your plants with a full color spectrum light. Engineered by a solid-state electronics expert with 30-years experience, G2 LED is the first light to solve the problems previously limiting LED technology in this area.  G2LED is ideal for all plants. We flower and veg. in both soil and hydroponic applications, proven to produce larger plants with higher crop yields.

Higher Intensity, Fewer Watts

Watts do not translate into intensity. Our delivered light output is similar or greater than HPS light at a 10 to 1 ratio.  G2LED Grow Lights decrease your carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of energy you use to illuminate and cool your growing environment. Learn More!

No Heat Generation

Growers can now benefit from intense light without the heat.  G2LED fixtures stay cool to the touch.  This means no scorching and little to no cooling costs.  G2LED makes it easy to maintain the perfect temperature.

Natural Sunlight Colors

G2LED lights replicate natural sunlight. These fixtures where designed to mimic natural sunlight due to highly efficient characteristics.  G2LED contains the full color spectrum.

Highest Par Rating

Independent PPFD tests rate G2LED at 1200 at operational (task) distance.  (2000 PPFD is a sunny day). 1200 PPFD at 3 inches, 388 PPFD at 6 inches.  The next best HPS1000 watt bulb has only a 384PPFD.

HLS Series LED 4' GrowBar
4 inch growbarLightweight and easily height adjustable, Growbar delivers the brightest, sun-like Illumination without the heat. 
50 Watt | 75 Watt | 100 Watt

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GP Series LED Growpad
LED GrowpadLight output similar to 250 watt or more in fluorescent tube or greater for growing applications. 
50 Watt

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HL Series LED ‘Chicken Feeder’
LED Chicken FeederChicken Feeder provides the lumens and color needed for successful indoor growing. Ideal Shape for small growing spaces or individual plant needs.
75 Watt

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  • » Significant Energy Savings
          - Dramatically reduce energy
            consumption by 65-85%
          - G2LED - fewer watts than a
            reading lamp
    » Full Color Spectrum
    » Cool-to-Touch | No Scorching
    » Record breaking PPFD value
    » No heat generation for little-to-no
       cooling costs
    » Proven growth and flowering
    » 5-year Warranty
    » 30-day money-back guarantee
    » Made in Texas, USA

Made in USA
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