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Why should I use the G2 Grow LED lights instead of an HID lamp?

The G2 Grow LED lights uses 1 tenth the energy of a high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp while it produces none of the heat, installs in just minutes, & lasts 20+ years.  We deliver cost savings from the first electricity bill. Typically users see a Return on Investment (ROI) within 12 months.

The HID lights used in greenhouses are suboptimal from the perspective of plants, which respond to specific wavelengths within the color spectrum. Less than 25% of the power consumed by HID lights is devoted to plant growth. By contrast, 100% of light emitted from the G2 Grow LED is usable by plants. We have defined a natural sunlight the next best thing to Mother Nature.

The G2 Grow LED solution protects growers’ livelihoods by enabling them to produce healthy crops while reducing their operating costs. The G2 Grow LED light is the best LED light in the marketplace, designed specifically to exceed the needs of the commercial greenhouse growers.

What is the color spectrum of the G2 Grow LED solution?

We are made in the USA and our 14-Watt LED channels are mix to make perfect 5500k natural sunlight.  We exceed the industry’s highest-power and have true deep red (660 nm) built into our LED.  Having over 20% of our high power dedicated to this spectrum you are insured your plants are getting exactly what they need. More important we have every color of the rainbow built in insuring that even as science continues to confirm what light plants need or don’t need change. We have it all included just like the good Lord intended. 

How does the G2 Grow LED solution stay cool to the touch?

G2 /Ringdale engineers applied advanced thermal management strategies to design and build a unit that always runs cool to the touch without the use of cooling fans. Only G2 LED has this patented technology insuring that your investment will last for decades. We are 5 times cooler than any other LED on the planet.

How high should I hang the G2 Grow LED fixture?

Keep in mind that the closer you hang the G2 Grow LED to the plant canopy the more energy you transfer to your plants. Since no heat is generated by the G2 Grow LED, plants can grow right up to the light without damage. You can touch our light and so can the plant. 5 times cooler means 0 loss in transfer. That means you utilized over 15,000 foot candles from one of our 7 watt slivers.

Plan to use the G2 Grow LED solution as the primary light source. Hang them right above the plant canopy and work out an adjustable height systems to maximize your foot candles.

Does the G2 Grow LED solution promote plant flowering?

Yes. Customers, independent researchers and our own lab tests confirm that the G2 Grow LED light is effective for all stages of plant growth, including flowering.

Does the G2 Grow LED solution penetrate the plant canopy?

Yes. Remember that all light penetrates equally, and the more power you have the better it penetrates. G2 Grow LED is the industry’s most powerful LED light. We penetrate the canopy as effectively as a 2500 watt HID lights, but with none of the waste.

How long will the G2 Grow LED solution last?

Count on the G2 Grow LED to provide reliable performance for 150,000 hours or 20+ years. Consider that HID lights require bulb replacement every 12 months on average. We guarantee them for 5 and 10 on the elements.

What makes G2 Grow LED the best LED horticultural light on the market?

The G2 Grow LED features professional grade LED. At the end of the day we need the most foot candles possible at the task without making any heat that can burn the product. The G2 Grow LED typically pays for itself within 12 months.

Where are the G2 Grow lights manufactured?
G2 Grow lights are designed and manufactured in the USA. Green means manufacturing local.

Sample of grow lights and plant absorption mapped capability


The light blue Clorophyll line is the map of what light spectrums a plant absorbs.
The pink line is the map of what light your HPS lights are making. The HPS makes up for the lower percentages through producing intense light and does this in great quantities. That is why they consume so much energy. The dark blue is what most LED manufacturers are doing. They focus on specific blues and a specific red that they can make easily. They end up leaving out wave spectrums we know the plant absorbs. The other pitfall to these very expensive LED lights is they make light at a fraction of the intensity of what HPS can deliver. They must then consume more energy than is necessary from LED. The graph shows our natural light 5500K. We made sure our light had every color in the rainbow due to its efficiency factor gains. You take this fact along with our intenities are as high as HPS you get a great result. With our lights, nothing the plant needs is left out.



  • » Significant Energy Savings
          - Dramatically reduce energy
            consumption by 65-85%
          - G2LED - fewer watts than a
            reading lamp
    » Full Color Spectrum
    » Cool-to-Touch | No Scorching
    » Record breaking PPFD value
    » No heat generation for little-to-no
       cooling costs
    » Proven growth and flowering
    » 5-year Warranty
    » 30-day money-back guarantee
    » Made in Texas, USA
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