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G2 LED Lighting | Sign and Billboard

G2 offers stock indoor LED Lighting products in addition to custom design fixtures. G2 LED offers a more efficient lighting solution that’s better for the environment and saves the user money every month while producing a more natural and attractive illumination.

Billboard LED Lign
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G2ActiveLED Billboard Lighting solves the problems of energy wastage, light trespass and maintenance. The design has optimized water management and cooling to be effective in the hottest of climates as well as performing without degradation down to -40°F (-40°C).

G2ActiveLED Billboard light fixture illuminates the billboard evenly with a bright light that is very close in color to natural daylight. The light fixture is designed specifically for the billboard industry:

  • All the available light is directed onto the billboard.
  • The employed technology delivers very precise light cut-off, virtually eliminating any light pollution.
  • International Dark-Sky Association full cutoff compliant.

The illumination of a standard 48' by 14' USA billboard requires just four G2ActiveLED Billboard light fixtures per side, 8 total, typically replacing 3,200 watts of traditional light fixtures with just 408 watts of LED lighting.

LED lighted billboardThe only servicing required is the cleaning of the diffuser (equivalent to the cleaning of conventional street lights) at an approximate cost of US$ 5.25 annual cost per light fixture.


  • LED Watts: 48 or 72
  • Significant Energy Savings| Reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and produce similar light output up to 3,200 watts of conventional light fixtures
  • Easy retrofit of existing lighting
  • Enhanced Light | Replace existing lighting with more visible “white light” for improved quality and uniformity (close to natural daylight) as well as easier viewing from the roadway
  • Eliminates light pollution or “trespass”
  • International Dark-Sky Association full cut-off compliant
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Fraction of conventional lighting cost
  • Effective in all climates without performance degradation
  • Options: Motion Sensor and  Daylight Sensor
  • 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship, 10-year warranty on LED elements
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Precise adjustment of the angle of the billboard light via the convenient end-mounting bolts (10mm) allows the fixture to be adjusted for most billboard sizes and configurations
  • Brown finish, other colors available on request



  • Input Voltage
    Auto-sensing 90..277V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Actual Power
    52 or 75 Watts, see table for details
  • Light Output Equivalence
    See table for details
  • Color Temperature
  • Energy Factor
    > 0.95 (at 208 Volts)
  • Dimensions & Weight
    6"(w) x 4"(h) x 40"(l) (15.2 x 10.2 x 101.6cm). 27 lbs, 12.2 Kg
  • Operating Temperature
    -40..+60°C (-40..+140°F)
  • Part Numbers
    00-27-5601-0052, HO 00-27-5601-0075, HO

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