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G2 LED | The Next Generation of LED

If the LED lights on the market have not fulfilled your requirements or expectations we invite you to read on. You see, LED didn’t meet our needs either so we reinvented them—we have the patents and results to prove it. Finally, the LED you’ve been waiting for.

LED Reinvented

LED technology is the next big leap in lighting technology offering brighter, cleaner and more efficient solution.  To date however the light has not provided enough benefit to balance the investment.  That was our experience as well and how the second generation in LED lighting was born.

G2 LED was engineered and designed by a leading solid state electronics manufacturer that was frustrated with current LED technology—too expensive, too many watts and too hot. After research of failed technologies and study of LED a new design was born that goes beyond the dot.  Yes, the tiny cluster of bulbs is gone to make way for the most efficient light available today.

G2 LED | Second Generation LED

G2 LED has completely changed the standards of LED lighting and broke the barriers resulting in brighter, cooler, longer-lasting lights that use a fraction of the watts seen in competitive solutions. G2 LED is engineered and manufactured by Ringdale Technologies, a strategic partner of Caberra Systems.  Ringdale is the leader in solid-state technology for over 30 years.

LED that Delivers More of Everything:

  • Brighter Lighting using Less Wattage
  • Cool, touchable LED
  • Evenly Distributed Light
  • Longer Life-Span
  • Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Going Beyond ROI: Continued ROI (C-ROI)
  • Mercury and UV Free: Non Toxic, No Fade Lighting
  • Engineered-Tested-Manufactured in Texas, United States

Environmentally Friendly

Going Green could never be easier or have such a positive impact on your bottom line.  G2 LED exceeds requirements set by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Under the new law, all light bulbs must use 25% to 30% less energy than today's products by 2012 to 2014. The phase-in will start with 100-watt bulbs in January 2012 and end with 40-watt bulbs in January 2014. By 2020, bulbs must be 70% more efficient.

  • Mercury Free and UV Free
  • No Toxic Materials
  • 160,000 light hours per LED unit
    - Less product waste, less maintenance
  • Supports Go Local initiatives
  • Consumes Less Energy
  • International Dark-Skies Compliance

USA Made by Ringdale Technologies

G2 LED is engineered and manufactured by Ringdale Technologies and distributed by Caberra Systems.  Ringdale currently holds 3 patents for the innovative technology behind G2 LED.  Lights manufactured in Texas.


Industry’s Best Warranty: 10 years on LED elements, 5 years on materials and workmanship.  We warranty against light loss.  Email us for further specifics.




  • Personalized
    - ROI Worksheet
    - Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Quote
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  • Slash Monthly Energy Bills
    Reduce the amount of watts needed to brightly illuminate your surroundings.
    - 60 Watt LED fixture replaces
       traditional 400W
    - Drastically cut energy bills
  • Increase Safety
    Brighter, whiter light to areas proven to increase safety and reduce crime
  • Environmentally Friendly
    - Reduce power consumption
    - Eliminate harmful materials
    - American Made for less
       transportation and more USA

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